Organisation staff use Qual Spotter not only to contribute, but also to empower themselves with knowledge within an infrastructure to communicate with others whom they would not normally speak.

However, there will be times when there isn’t the capacity to take the time to browse other projects, digest discoveries and reach out.

We can help.


Finding relevant discoveries from other projects

Tell us about your project, and we’ll go through your organisation’s projects and discoveries to find the most relevant and impactful insights for you.


Making introductions with others in your organisations

We’ll make an email introductions with timely follow-up. Think of us as the host at a party who says, ‘Oh, you just went on holiday to New Zealand? Well let me introduce you to someone who’s planning on going in summer.’ It could be the start of a great user-centered friendship!


Facilitating on-location or online workshops

At Small Studio, we have experienced first-hand the power of a group of people in one room. Ongoing collaborations have been forged just by chatting about each others’ projects and working out opportunities to leverage insights from multiple teams.


Re-combing through data with a new mindset

A change in perspective can yield new treasures, and a shift in context can bring new life to old data. We will comb through historical data in the mindset of one of your project’s research goals.


Please contact us to discuss pricing for one or a combination of the above services.