Organisations and Departments


What is the difference between an Organisation and a Department?

Departments can sit under an Organisation, while people and projects sit under Departments. Organisations are standalone, they cannot be grouped together. There can be any number of Departments within an Organisation.


What if my Department has groups within it that want to have their own ‘Department’ accounts?

It depends on whether your Department is already part of a larger organisation. In some cases your department may be large enough to warrant being an Organisation in its own right. In other cases, the sub-groups may need to either be sibling Departments, or absorbed into your Department account.


Do you plan on having another grouping level under Departments?

We’ve created a relatively simple structure that’s usable for the widest anticipated organisational structures. As with everything we do, we will continue to iterate and improve based on testing and research with users (that’s you).


What if someone else makes an account for the same Department as me that I don’t know about?

When each Department account is created we manually check the Department’s name against existing accounts and notify all account holders if there is a duplication.


Why don’t you check duplicate Department accounts automatically?

People may enter variations of a Department’s name, or enter it as an acronym or abbreviation. Automatically checking increases the margin for error, so we prefer to take the time to make sure the Department that’s been created is the right one.


How do I know if there is an existing Organisation in Qual Spotter I can have my Department migrated to?

Complete the migration form in the Your Organisation section of your account. If the Organisation already exists in Qual Spotter we will speak with the authorised contact to approve the migration of your department. If the Organisation doesn’t exist, we will contact them to confirm authorisation before creating the Organisation for your Department to be migrated to.


Why are Department and Organisation account migrations and authorisations handled manually?

People may enter variations of a Organisation’s name, or enter it as an acronym or abbreviation. Automatically migrating increases the margin for error and the risk of unrelated departments being connected, so we prefer to take the time to check everything is managed securely.


I’ve created a Department account but I’m not the authorised person to make billing or software procurement decisions. How can I transfer ownership of the account to the right person?

If you created the Department account your account status will be as a Manager. When you’re a Manager you are able to update billing details, authorise subscription upgrades, and purchase credits. Managers can also invite other staff to join the department, and as part of that process they can invite people to be a Contributor (with no account editing privileges) or Manager (with the same privileges as you). Simply invite the most appropriate person to your Department as a Manager and they will be able to continue running the account.


Projects and Moments


What is a Project?

A Project is a place to store interviews and other research data.


What is a Research Session?

A Research Session is an audio or video file you have uploaded to Qual Spotter. It could be an interview, survey, vox pop, focus group session, user test session or any other kind of recording.


What types of files can I upload as Research Sessions?

Qual Spotter accepts all popular and professional audio and video file formats, including 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPEG-2 and MOV.


What is a Moment?

A Moment is a point of interest within the Research Session. You can mark a moment on the timeline using keyboard shortcuts or, if your Research Session has been transcribed, highlighting the relevant section of the transcription. Moments can be marked as positive, negative or neutral. When you add a Moment to your Research Session it will appear in the Moment drawer at the bottom of the page.




Is my first project always free?

If you’ve got just one active project, your monthly subscription cost is zero. There are still the usual media and transcription costs if you continue uploading files to the project though.


Do archived projects count against my total?

No. If you want to reactivate archived projects and those projects take you over your current subscription tier, you’ll be asked to confirm the change to your subscription.


What payment options are available?

No credit card details are required for your first project and media upload (up to 60 minutes). Credit card details are required to for a monthly subscription that allows more than one project and for purchasing Media and Transcription Credits. Please contact us if you require invoices to process payment.




How do Media Credits work?

Media Credits cover upload, transcoding and storage costs. Each 1 credit is worth 10 minutes or part thereof (for example, a 5 minute video costs 1 credit, a 19 minute audio file costs 2 credits). Credits are spent after the media file is successfully uploaded. There are no ongoing charges associated with media once uploaded.


How do Transcription Credits work?

Transcription Credits cover automatic transcoding and syncing of a transcript to your video or audio file. Each 1 credit is worth 10 minutes or part thereof (for example, a 5 minute video costs 1 credit, a 19 minute audio file costs 2 credits). Credits are spent after the media file is successfully transcribed. There are no ongoing charges associated with media once transcribed.


Why are Media and Transcription Credits sold separately?

Media and Transcription credits are sold separately to give your department more flexibility - you’re not locked into transcribing via Qual Spotter (though it’s hassle-free and guaranteed to accurately sync to your media). That means you can adhere to any internal security clearance requirements for transcribing.

You can also mark interesting moments directly to the media timeline if you choose to go without transcription altogether (you can always have your media transcribed later on).





How do I cancel or delete my subscription?

Please contact us.


What browsers are supported by Qual Spotter?

Qual Spotter runs in all major browsers. We provide support for the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge. Additional support for Apple and Android tablets and smartphones will be added over time.


My question isn't answered here / I have feedback / I need technical support

As a lean, Agile company we gladly welcome any feedback you might have about using Qual Spotter. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us. If you’ve found a bug please include a screengrab of error and let us know what browser (including version) and operating system (including version) you are using and the steps you took before you saw the error.