Qual Spotter is made by Small Studio, a digital and UX agency that was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2007. Over the last ten years Small Studio has produced a number of award-winning projects and have earned international recognition for their approach to user-centered design and innovative technical solutions.


History of Qual Spotter

For close to a decade Small Studio has been working in the UX arena, more recently with clients such as Alfred Health, CSIRO and The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre on highly complex web projects.

In late 2014 we noticed something big.

Departments were needlessly doubling up on user research and totally unaware of each others’ research findings. 

Project team members gather critical insights from their experience and user research. However, these are rarely shared with other units, meaning the next project team starts from scratch with discovery work.

So in early 2016 we started making a prototype to investigate the question:

How can user testing and research data be stored, logged, and have a life outside of the project the research was originally commissioned for?

We had a suspicion that focusing on storage and logging data might result in a tool that is technically comparable with the more mature products out there, but we felt it was important to learn more, so we undertook two research projects:

  • Discovery research with researchers about their methods
  • Discovery research with staff from large organisations, regarding how they handle onboarding and usage of new software

 We also read a lot on interviewing, analysing, transcribing, visualising and workshopping. It took a lot of time, but we wanted to make software that would actually be useful in the context of a large organisation, with the limitations, behavioural quirks and slow cultural change that comes with it. We had to fit comfortably with existing methods and provide a starting point for smooth transformation, rather than disruption.


Release Timeline

January 2017: Qual Spotter Alpha launches. The Alpha is used to do more testing and research.

March 2017: Qual Spotter Beta launches. Core functionality is live and available to all subscribers, whose feedback is being used to improve the service in subsequent releases.

Quarter 2 2017: Qual Spotter Version 1 scheduled for launch. This will feature new functionality that helps organisations extract more value out of their user research data as well as improvements based on feedback from users and testing.


The Qual Spotter Team


Paul Kotz
Product Owner, Researcher and Designer

Wing Ho
Technical Lead

Bronwen Lee
Delivery Manager